Lincoln TOBIER, March 8 - April 5, 2008
Exhibition view at the gallery








Galerie Maisonneuve (solo), March 8 - April 5, 2008

Index: Conceptualism in California from the Permanent Collection, MOCA, Los Angeles, Aug. 24 - Dec. 12, 2008






The Blue Room, 2004

Breeze Blocks 4sale, 2002

Collapsed Mobile, 2002


June 14 -June 18, 2001,

RN forever part 1,

Ruckus LA Montage, 1998




Born in New York, NY in 1964 - Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Selected solo exhibitions

Galerie Maisonneuve (solo),March 8 - April 5, 2008

La Machine
, Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles, 2003
, Galerie Maisonneuve, Paris, 2002
Radio Ld’A, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, 2002
Polyradiobucket, Champfleurie, Avignon, 2000
“Ruckus L.A.” Meets the (Dom-Ino) Effect.
(in collaboration with Rirkrit Tiravanija), Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1999
Panoptiramicon, Gallery Side 2, Tokyo, 1998
PHG 3/97, Pat Hearn Gallery, New York, 1997
Radio Printemps &..., Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, 1996
Mini-A.M, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York, 1995
Studies for: (It all comes together in) Ruckus L.A, Pat Hearn Gallery, NYC, 1995
Cop Sculpture
(Collaboration with Ted Byfield), American Fine Arts Co., New York. 1993
Cop Sculpture (Collaboration with Ted Byfield), Pat Hearn Gallery, New York, 1993
Gloss (Collaboration with Ted Byfield), 10 on 8, New York, 1991

Selected group exhibitions

Index: Conceptualism in California from the Permanent Collection, MOCA, Los Angeles, Aug. 24 - Dec. 12, 2008
FIAC, Cour carrée du Louvre, Oct. 18 - 22, 2007
c.o.l.a., Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, May 4 - June 24, 2007

Radio Danièle, Galeria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, January 24 - March 22, 2007
FIAC, Cour Carrée, Louvre, Booth D16, October 26-30 2006
The Look Of Law, University Art Gallery, University of California, Irvine, September 28 - October 20, 2006
Old News, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, 2005
Incognito, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, November 19
, 2004
Group exhibition, Galerie Maisonneuve, 2004

Printemps de septembre– "Gestes", Toulouse, France, 2003
50th Venice Biennale, Italy, with Simon Leung: a potato in situ Exhibiton section: Utopia Station, 2003
Pat Hearn Memorial Exhibition part III, Pat Hearn Gallery, New York, 2001
La Beauté, Avignon (beside Deleuze Monument by T.Hirschhorn): “Polyradiobucket, A radio project by Lincoln Tobier in a van by Rirkrit Tiravanija”, with Galerie Chantal Crousel, 2000
fast forward, Kunstverein in Hamburg, 1998
Waves In Particles Out, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, 1997
A Selected Survey: 1983–1995., Pat Hearn Gallery, New York, 1995
Temporary Translation(s), Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, 1995
De Appel, Amsterdam, 1994
Jetztzeit, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, 1994
Dan Graham, Rodney Graham, Larry Johnson, Lincoln Tobier, Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, 1994
Real Time, Institute for Contemporary Art, London, 1993
Jorge Pardo, Sarah Seager, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Lincoln Tobier, 1301, Santa Monica, 1993
Re-Imagining America, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, 1992





Artist's publications

Project for Hirsh Farm Project: WORLD TOUR, Northbrook, IL. September 1997
“(It all comes together in) Ruckus, L.A.; A proposal.” ...SHIFT catalog, September 1996
“Pages for your Book.” Jahresring 41, Köln. December 1994
Map/Poster for Cop Sculpture exhibition. Collaboration with J. Atwood and T. Byfield. Nov. 1993
Project for Frieze Magazine, Issue 7, London. November 1992
Exhibition guide for Roger Ailes: A Retrospective in Context. September 1992
Project for Bijdrage AAAA, No. 1, The Hague. Collaboration with Ted Byfield. March 1992

Selected Press

Claire Bishop, "The Social Turn: Collaboration and it's Discontents", Arforum (New York), February 2006
Cornelia Butler, "A Lurid Presence: Smithson's Legacy and Post-Studio Art", Robert Smithson Exhibition Publication, Museum of Contemporary Art / University of California Press (Los Angeles), 2004
Ryan Griffis, "Experiments in the Garden of Good and Evil", Rhizome Digest, October 10, 2004
Michelon, Olivier, "La FIAC, trentième anniversaire", Le Journal des Arts, n°177, sept 26-oct 9, 2003

"A potato in situ ­ Lincoln Tobier and Simon Leung", Dreams and Conflicts, Catalog of the 50th Biennale of Venice 2003
Bouteillet Maïa, "D'autres Labos d'Aubervilliers", Liberation, Nov 2002

Kinmont, Ben. “The Third Sculpture”, Documents sur l’art, Dec 2000
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Stevens, M. “Re-Imagining America,” New Art Examiner, December 1992



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